Ali didn't plan to become a chandler. In fact, she didn't care too much about anything beyond her family, friends, work, great food and travel. This is, until 2016. In the midst of a cross-country road trip with her husband she became - as the kids are calling it - woke. Woke to the inconsistent human rights policies from state to state. Woke to the fact that if she wasn't part of the movement towards a cleaner & more equal, positive future, she was going to consider herself part of the problem.
When she settled down in Charleston, SC she was intent on making a difference - even if it was a small one. She learned the art of candle pouring and quickly fell in love with the positive impact a candle can have in a person's life.  While she spends most of her time acting as Event Director of Charleston Wine + Food, she makes time to pour + refine her passion project, Lucerna Planta.