Lucerna Planta is a hand poured, female-empowered, premium fragrance soy candle company based in Charleston, SC. All LP candle products are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax. We source our oils, wicks, and all packaging materials in the US - and regionally, when possible. 


Our candles are inspired, designed, and poured by exceptional women. Each LP scent is inspired by a real, incredible woman. Their stories have been synthesized into a few sentences that are meant to inspire you to be be bolder, braver, and happier. 




Each LP candle is carefully mixed with premium fragrance oils and all-natural soy wax. Whether it's Change Maker's leather & patchouli, or Bohemia's fresh bamboo & green coconut, we design our candles with near-maximum fragrance loads to ensure strong throws.


LP believes that superwomen walk among us. Conservationists, advocates, volunteers, public defenders - each scent is inspired by a real woman in the maker's life.


With every candle purchase, 20% of profits are donated to a non-profit that aligns with that candle's core intention. From our Bohemian's who are passionate about keeping our oceans clean, to Wandress' that align with humanitarian efforts, we have selected organizations that are leaving an indelible mark on the world. 



Ali Miller, FOUNDER

Ali didn't plan to become a chandler. In fact, Ali didn't care too much about anything beyond her family, friends, work, great food and travel. This is, until 2016. In the midst of a cross-country road trip with her husband she became - as the kids are calling it - woke. Woke to the inconsistent human rights policies from state to state. Woke to the fact that if she wasn't part of the movement towards a more equal, positive future, she was going to consider herself part of the problem. 

When she settled down in Charleston, SC she was intent on making a difference - even if it was a small one. She picked up a part-time job at Candlefish, learned the art of candle pouring + quickly fell in love with the positive impact a candle can have in a person's life. Lucerna Planta - and it's intention of making products that smell good, feel good, and do good - compounded with it's goal of inspiring women to be great, has been a dream come true for our founder.